A right royal baby shower – Kate Middleton and Co celebrate the forthcoming arrival with a glass of Shloer

Incredible pictures of Kate Middleton’s baby shower have emerged. Camilla, Carole, P Middy and Her Majesty herself were among those in attendance…

IMG_9908_SHLOER_6_V8_LoResKate and Liz share a joke over one of the gifts – a novelty baby grow fit for a future monarch

We couldn’t quite believe our eyes here at AlisonJackson.com when we discovered these amazing photographs. Taken at the baby shower that everyone wanted to be seen at, these snaps reveal that it was quite a cosy affair.

Read the Daily Mail’s report of the royal baby shower here.


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Mum, sis and granny-in-law were among those in attendance, with only a couple of Kate’s closet aristo’ friends making the cut.

IMG_8850_SHLOER_3_BABYSHOWER_V7_LoResThe granny’s to be are getting on swimmingly, while Her Maj get’s down with the kids and chats to Kate’s friends.

We just adore this photo of a corgi sat in a toy car. That present has certainly received this pooch’s seal of approval. It’s nice to see that Kate gets involved with the Royal way of doing things, completely unfazed by the presence of Her Majesty’s faithful hound.

Indeed, the Queen’s presence at Kate’s baby shower is a great honour – their relationship just seems to go from strength to strength.

Hold on… a racing car? A teddy wearing a blue jumper? There seems to be a theme developing! Could these photos hint at the sex of the royal baby?

The K Middz baby shower photos are featured on BroadWayWorld.com under Fashion Photo of the DayCheck it out.

IMG_4559_SHLOER_4_BABYSHOWER_V7_LoResShloer Raspberry and Rhubarb Punch? Yes please! It even matches my dress. Kind of.’

The non-alcoholic beverages were well and truly flowing at the shower, it would seem. Pippa looks to be doing a sterling job of making sure everyone’s glass is topped up with Shloer. What would Kate do without her lil’ sis?

The perfect host, as ever, Pippa seems to have really pulled it off this time – everyone seems to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Drink like a duchess – visit Shloer’s facebook page.

IMG_9336_9326_SHLOER_5_V7_LoResFeeling peckish? Cupcakes were the order of the day, if this shot is anything to go by. Dig in Queenie!

Carole is seen here looking proudly over the proceedings as Kate and Camilla raise a toast to the new baby. The Middleton mum must surely still be pinching herself at events such as these – is that REALLY the Queen sat opposite? Yes, yes it is, Carole.

The Daily Beast’s coverage of the baby shower can be found here.

Surrounded by luxury and decadence, Kate looked well and truly at home. Her friends must have been so excited to attend an intimate event with the Queen of England, but we guess maybe they are used to that sort of thing now – it’s just one of the many perks of being best buds with a Middleton.




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