Arise, Sir Wiggo! How Bradley Wiggins celebrated his VERY happy New Year

Bradley Wiggins topped off a pretty great 2013 with a knighthood, so there was definitely cause for celebration on New Year’s Eve. But even Wiggo’s nearest and dearest were a little shocked by quite how hard he partied.

Bradley Wiggins

Sleeping beauty: Bradley Wiggins was filmed fast asleep after a heavy night on New Year’s Eve

A video of Bradley fast asleep and surrounded by party paraphernalia has been leaked to the UK press. It is unclear who filmed the short clip. However it is clear that the Olympian had a very, very good night.


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In the short clip, Wiggo – wearing only a pair of Union Jack Y-fronts – is surrounded by empty beer bottles, his cycle helmet, a gold medal and an electric guitar.

Please scroll down to watch the video of Wiggo being woken up…

Bradley WigginsHeavy night, Sir Wiggins? The Olympian had clearly had a good night, he was surrounded by beer bottles

Bradley WigginsWide awake: The cyclist quickly began strumming on his guitar as soon as he was woken up

He seems to have had a bit of a go at the festive decorations in his home too. A ‘Happy New Year’ banner has been ripped down and placed above the headboard. A string of Christmas tree lights and some tinsel also decorate the bed.

Wiggo gradually wakes up over the course of the video and is clearly in for a long and very hungover day. Actually, the whole year might feel like a bit of a hangover after all of Wiggo’s successes in 2012 – at least he’s got that visit to Buckingham Palace to look forward to…

Watch the video of Wiggo being woken up here…

Bradley Wiggins Sideburns from Alison Jackson on Vimeo.

These photos first appeared in the Mail on Sunday

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