I’d have preferred Armageddon! Unimpressed Cameron is forced to dress up as Father Christmas

David Cameron isn’t exactly known for his spontaneous moments of lighthearted fun or his joie de vivre. So photos of the Prime Minister in a Santa costume may surprise many… until they realise he never actually intended to wear the red and white suit.

David Cameron SantaGive us a smile! David Cameron scowls as he is forced to dress up as Santa for the Downing Street children’s Christmas party

Today was the children’s Christmas party in 10 Downing Street. All Cameron’s aides were invited to bring their little ones around for a few games of pass the parcel and musical statues. But no one would step forward to dress up as Father Christmas and hand out presents to the kiddies.


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When Cameron realised the date of the party, though, he immediately signed himself up for the task. Afterall, the Mayans had predicted the world would end today at 11.11am – and Santa wasn’t due to make an appearance until 11.30.

David CameronUnimpressed! The PM had agreed to dress up as Santa because he thought the world would end before he would have to

David CameronForget it! Cameron looks angry as someone makes a quip about him trying to come down the chimney

Imagine the PM’s disappointment, then, when 11.15am ticked past and an aide turned up with the costume. Cameron reluctantly climbed into the suit but refused to put the big white beard on properly as it felt itchy against his smooth chin.

Dave apparently went down a storm at the party – not that you would be able to tell by his expression as he was leaving. Looking decidedly unamused, he immediately rewarded himself with a pint in a pub on Whitehall just around the corner from Downing Street.

David Cameron

Other punters were delighted to see the PM in costume but his bodyguards made sure noone could get too close. It’s a shame – it might have done Cameron’s image some good to be pictured with a group of happy-looking children. It’s a while since the Tories gave people anything to smile about.

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