Wills and Middletons

NEVER-before-seen shots as Wills gets to know the in-laws.

A quiet pint and a game of pool in the pub, what better way to bond with your future father-in-law?

Wills and Michael Middleton

Pint of lager and a packet of crisps: Wills and his father-in-law bond over a beer.

But take a closer look and the identity of the two men involved – Prince William and Michael Middleton – lifts this everyday scene from the mundane to the extraordinary.

Wills and Michael Middleton

Aiming for a good start: Wills enjoys a game of darts with future father-in-law.

And while it may seem a million miles away from the pomp and circumstance of the palace, insiders say Wills has revelled in the normality offered by his in-laws.

Wills and Middletons

My Fairy Prince: Wills gets to grips with the washing up.

Wills and Michael Middleton

Hold my hose: William and Michael Middleton clean the car.

Helping Kate’s mum Carole out with the washing up or her dad Michael hosing down the family car, the heir to the throne has happily lent a royal hand.

Wills and Middletons

Family fan: Wills watches footie with Carole and Kate.

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