Auntie Pippa has some learning to do: Christmas photoshoot shows she plans to keep a corgi in a box until the 25th

It generally pays to plan ahead – but not always. And heir to the throne auntie to be Pippa Middleton is about to learn this the hard way after she invited the media into her home to take photos of her wrapping Christmas presents.

Pippa MiddletonQuite a handful: Pippa Middleton invited the media to her home to take pictures of her wrapping up her Christmas presents

Cleverly coinciding her photoshoot with her sister Kate’s pregnancy announcement yesterday, Pippa looks picture perfect in the photos… almost.


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The smugness of having bought all your Christmas presents by the beginning of December is almost guaranteed to grate. But that is the least of the professional party planner’s worries. She was pictured wrapping up a corgi to give to the Queen – seemingly unaware that it is not a very good idea to keep an animal in a box for 21 days.

Pippa MiddletonPicture perfect: Pippa plans the best way of wrapping up a corgi

Pippa MiddletonI love it when a plan comes together: Pippa doesn’t seem to realise that wrapping up a corgi weeks before Christmas isn’t a good idea

It seems like the socialite still has some learning to do – so it is perhaps lucky that she has at least six months to prepare for babysitting duties. But bless her, Pippa’s heart is clearly in the right place.

The Queen recently buried her beloved corgi Montgomery so would surely love to have another pet. However, she would probably also like the little dog to still be alive when she opens her present on Christmas Day.

Pippa MiddletonMaking an effort: Miss Middleton is clearly keen to impress the Queen with this pricey gift

Pippa MiddletonCelebrate! The socialite just about manages to coax the corgi into a box

Kate Middleton’s little sister is bravely trying to forge her own career as a writer – with a specialisation in stating the blindingly obvious. Her debut book, Celebrate, may have been universally panned, but despite the straight-forward tips she gives it has turned into a bit of a novelty item – and at 75% off in WH Smith’s might just be the perfect stocking filler.

Keen to help Penguin recuperate the £400,000 they paid her as an advance, Pippa happily responds to every photoshoot request in person. She also rarely turns down an invitation to a showbiz event where she can tell her wealthy friends all about her new book.

Pippa Middleton

Sealed with a kiss: The label on the wrapped present read ‘Her Maj, luv Pipps x x’

Becoming aunt to the heir to the throne will surely only help push sales of the tome.

However after this potentially disastrous publicity shoot it may be time to focus on your finest asset, Pippa. Even if it’s behind or beneath you (depending on whether you’re standing or sitting down).

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