And now for something completely different! Cameron dresses up as pantomime horse to cheer up electorate after gloomy autumn statement

George Osborne’s autumn budget (which he curiously revealed in the bleak mid winter) has left much of the UK with a bit of a bitter taste in their mouths. So David Cameron has bravely taken it upon himself to put a smile back on our faces.

David CameronFeeling happier already? David Cameron dressed up as a pantomime horse this afternoon

In a plea to lighten the mood, the Prime Minister decided to dress us as a pantomime horse. No, we’re not sure it’s going to work either.


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Cameron showed just how dedicated he is to pleasing his electorate by donning an especially low-budget costume – complete with a ginger tuft of mane sprouting out of his forehead. And an unlucky aide was eventually coaxed into being the horse’s back legs.

David CameronYou put your left leg in: We’re not sure the PM’s plan to put smiles back on our faces is going to work

David Cameron pantomime horseMoment of fame: One of Cameron’s aides was forced into being the back end of the horse

It is, we must say, an unusual way to try to steal attention away from an especially gloomy autumn statement, when Osborne confirmed the UK’s growth was even worse than expected.

Higher borrowing means spending cuts will have to last for another six years. Are families who have decided to give pantos a miss this year to save a little money supposed to feel heartened by these panto-related photos instead?

David CameronMinistry of funny walks? Cameron even attempted some Monty Python-inspired moves

David CameronDo I have to? However even the PM didn’t seem very keen to put on the horse’s head

We’re not sure it’s going to work, Dave (although it might have if you’d persuaded Osbourne to share the costume with you).

However, if the Tory party take it in turns to dress up as Santa and climb down our chimneys with a sack full of presents, they might be able to bring back just a little of the Christmas spirit that seems to be so lacking this December.

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