BABY COUNTDOWN: Prince William and Kate Middleton eat breakfast in bed…

… but shouldn’t Wills be the one pampering Kate? She must surely be the one in need of a rest and a little TLC – she is seven months pregnant, after all.

countdown_frame-01Kate is the perfect wife – even when heavily pregnant she dotes on her husband, Prince William can exclusively reveal that Princess Kate and Prince William have been lounging around in their royal abode, indulging in a good old full English breakfast.

The royals have as much of a taste for a fry up as the next person, it would seem.

William should perhaps be a little more chivalrous, though. Kate is starting to get quite big and surely quite tired, carrying all that extra royal baby weight around.


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Next time, we at think that Wills should instead treat Kate to breakfast in bed – she certainly deserves it, being pregnant can be hard work at times.

Deciding what to eat when pregnant can be stressful too, and many mums-to-be worry about how their diet will affect their unborn child.

This article on gives a helpful rundown of the top 10 foods to include in your pregnancy diet. Unfortunately, the only item on the list that features in an English breakfast is egg…

Maybe Kate and Will’s should try to adapt their habit of eating fry-ups and include a few more items from this top 10.

When Wills treats Kate to breakfast, we hope that he includes fruit and vegetables, Greek yoghurt, whole grain products and walnuts!

It might make for a bit of an odd breakfast, but we are sure that pregnant women have consumed weirder foods…




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