BREAKING NEWS: Brad Pitt proposes to Angelina… and kisses her barely there baby bump

You heard it here first! Brad Pitt has officially put a ring on Angelina Jolie’s finger – and these secretly snapped engagement photos also suggest Brangelina will be adding to their brood soon after they tie the knot.

Brad PittIt’s official! Brad Pitt gets down on one knee and slips a ring onto Angelina Jolie’s finger

Brad had spent weeks preparing for the proposal. He personally booked a private suite at an exclusive five star hotel in Los Angeles, worried that if he told an aide, she might let the secret slip. However a sneaky cleaner – sensing that something exciting was going to happen – had left a hidden camera in the suite’s sitting room, capturing the moment gossip columnists have been waiting for for years.


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As yesterday was Brad’s 49th birthday, Angelina was probably expecting to push her food around her plate at a slap up meal. But her hubby-to-be had other plans. Clearly feeling that they need to make their relationship official before they have any more children (or perhaps spurred on by the Jennifer Aniston pregnancy rumours?) he got down on one knee with a sparkly ring.

Angelina JolieI put a ring on it! Brad celebrates by kissing Angelina’s barely there baby bump

BrangelinaSnuggling up: The newly-engaged pair then cuddled on the sofa with both Brad and Angelina caressing her belly

Angelina perhaps didn’t look as smiley as one would expect a newly-engaged woman to be, but she did let Brad slide the sparkler onto her finger – and cracked a smile as he leant forward to kiss her tummy.

The pair then snuggled up on the sofa as a besotted Brad caressed his fiancee’s barely there bump. Clearly on a mission, the actor also whipped out a baby name book. The pair have their work cut out for them, they have already worked their way through six of their favourite monikers and the Beckhams beat them to naming a child Seven.

Brad and AngelinaA real challenge: Brad and Angelina have already worked their way through six of their favourite baby names

Brad Pitt and Angelina JolieHappy birthday! The engagement was a great present for Brad who turned 49 yesterday exclusively revealed that Brad and Angelina had visited an orphanage a few weeks ago in the hope of adding to their brood. An adoption is clearly off the cards for now though, the pair appear to have conceived naturally.

It looks like the latest Brangelina child will be born just weeks after the royal baby. We’re already looking forward to pictures of them hanging out together, perhaps with the Aniston baby in tow. That IS going to happen, right?

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