Charles and Camilla giving the corgis a bath while the Queen has breakfast in bed?

Charles and Camilla, who, as a mother herself will be expecting some treats of her own next Sunday, bathing the corgis in a vivid pink bathroom before drying them off with a patriotic Union Flag towel.

Amusingly, the royal couple are seen following the bath up with a blow dry, with Camilla grimacing as Prince Charles accidentally blows hot air in her face.

Next comes the big reveal, with the Queen looking thrilled as she is presented with her breakfast tray, a card that reads ‘Keep calm and reign on’ and three pots of the Body Shop’s Vitamin E moisture cream.

2662261500000578-2982950-image-a-77_1425660461178Giving the corgis a bath: Charles and Camilla give the Queen’s corgis a bath in a lurid pink bathroom

2662265200000578-2982950-image-a-82_1425660490454Breakfast in bed: The Queen, clad in a fetching green nightie, looks delighted as she is given her breakfast

2662263C00000578-2982950-image-a-78_1425660469491Anyone for a blowdry? Charles’ poor aim leaves Camilla needing to close her eyes

2662265B00000578-2982950-image-a-81_1425660486053Doing the wrapping: A suited Charles and a dressing gowned Camilla wrap up their gifts for the Queen

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