Pudsey takes to Hollywood with Simon Cowell

It’s all glitz and glamor for one of Britain’s finest exports, no not Simon,  it’s BGT’s Pudsey the dog of course. With his debut film now hitting cinema’s near you, the talented Pudsey took some time out with one of his biggest fans and boss, Simon Cowell. The pair were spotted in Hollywood having their hair done, eating a classy meal and taking part in a rigorous training routine, which suggest that Pudsey’s next role on the big screen being an action-thriller – we’ll have to wait and see.

Cowell and Pudsey at the beauticians Continue reading this article…

Chris Evans recreates 50 Shades Of Grey

A grainy video has emerged of T.V and radio presenter Chris Evans losing his cool in a London hotel room during an erotic scene that would sit perfectly in the ’50 Shades Of Grey’ book series. The footage was obtained by from an anonymous source who mentioned that they saw the famous ginger personality entering the hotel lobby with a mysterious blonde in tow. It looks as the couple didn’t stay too long due to the intensity of her whipping! Watch the video below…

chrisevans1Gently does it: Evans gets on all fours ready for his ‘naughty boy’ treatment.

chrisevans2Ouch!: The blonde mistress cracks a whip across Chris’ buttocks.

chrisevans4 copyMake a crawl for it: Chris heads for the exit.

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