Strictly on Ice? Victoria Pendleton sets her sights on another reality TV show

Being a bad loser is probably a prerequisite for becoming a gold medal winning Olympian. Afterall, if you were satisfied with fourth place, why would you go through all that effort? However, being a bad loser on a reality TV show isn’t quite so endearing…

Victoria Pendleton

Practice WILL make perfect: Victoria Pendleton has apparently told Dancing On Ice she is happy to replace a contestant if they are injured or drop out

When Victoria Pendelton signed up to do Strictly Come Dancing she must have assumed, like the rest of us, that she would take to the salsa like a fish to water. When the cyclist began to realise that the waltz was trickier than it appeared, it quickly became compulsive viewing – in part because Pendleton couldn’t seem to believe that she couldn’t nail the dance moves.


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The 32-year-old was unlucky. She had to battle with a couple of wardrobe malfunctions and was also up against some of the best contestants Strictly has ever seen. But when she saw the list of contestants on this winter’s series of Dancing On Ice, they clearly must have seemed more beatable.

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Victoria PendletonCommitted contestant: The cyclist continued to take dancing lessons after she got kicked off Strictly as she is determined to nail the salsa

As well as continuing to take dancing lessons on solid ground – and making her own skimpy, glittery costumes – Pendleton was spotted practicing her moves on an ice rink in central London. It still looks like she still has a good way to go, though, to beat this year’s skaters who include Keith Chegwin and Anthea Turner.

Victoria PendletonEvery little helps: Pendleton has even offered to make her own skimpy, glittery costumes (but she might have to hide her smoking habit!)

Dancing On Ice insiders have told that Pendleton has offered to step in if any of the 2013 contestants quit or get injured… They should definitely take her up on the offer. Watching the cyclist fight frustration as she skids around a rink could definitely help persuade us to stay in on a Saturday night!

Watch videos of Pendleton in action here…

These photos first appeared in the Mail on Sunday

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