BFF’s David Beckham and Gordon Ramsay visit a sex shop together

The rumour mill has been grinding over where the Beckhams plan to call home next. But one thing is for sure, it won’t be too far from David’s bessie mate, Gordon Ramsay.

David sells Gordon the features and benefits of buying these for Tana

The pair have allegedly decided to set up business together with a new restaurant in London, and while going through the finer details they decided to take a break for a spot of Christmas shopping.


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The two men were spotted in a Soho sex shop yesterday, apparently shopping for their lovely wives, and on the menu was an array of kinky underwear as well as ‘how to’ books.

David looks perplexed: ‘Gord, whats this black and white scribble next to these pictures?’

Seeming perfectly at ease, Golden Balls Becks picked out several pieces of lingerie for Victoria and recited excerpts from a book about sex to the TV chef.

Ramsay on the other hand seemed positively embarrassed and found it hard to know where to look, generally choosing to avert his gaze towards the ground.

Ramsay’s kinky nightmare: The chef looked embarrassed walking around the shop alone

The two unlikely companions became friends when they met while they were both living in LA, and since then their bromance has blossomed. Obviously very comfortable in each others’ company, the pairing may be a successful one when their joint venture takes off.

Let’s hope it’s more successful than their shopping trip anyway.

Too far: The friends end up with cheeky gifts for each other!

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