Desperate William tries everything to get Prince George to sleep

When night falls, Prince George is proving to be a handful for his parents. The Daily Star reports that the royal baby wakes up to 6 times a night, and that Wills has been singing Coldplay songs in an attempt to get him to sleep. can now reveal other tactics employed by the new dad…

IMG_0842_WILLS_BABY_BOOKS_LORES‘… and then Paddington met granny… and then he met Georgie… and then he went home. The End.’


Exclusive images have been sent our way yet again, this time showing Prince William in his latest attempts to get Prince George off to sleep, allowing himself and Kate Middleton to get some desperately needed shut eye.


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According to a report by the Daily Star, the royal baby has been struggling to stay asleep for any significant amount of time overnight.

A familiar story for many parents, Wills has apparently been trying anything to get the baby prince to snooze – even by “belting out” his favourite Coldplay tunes.

_DSC0101_WILLS_COT_FOOTMAN_LORESThe exhausted dad resorts to accepting assistance from his faithful footman.


A royal source said William had adopted this “bizarre tactic” in his struggle for sleep, and that he had no idea caring for a newborn ”would be this tough”.

“Coldplay aren’t even his favourite band, but George responds to their songs the most and settles back down.”

Unfortunately, Wills’ tactics do not seem to be hugely effective – if these images are to be believed – as the baby Prince of Cambridge looks wide awake in every one of them.

IMG_0901_WILLS_PADDINGTON_BABY_COT_YAWN_LORESDaddy looks to be nodding off in this one, no doubt hoping George will learn by his example.


Aside from fulfilling his role as a Chris Martin tribute act, Prince William has also been reading the royal baby stories.

An inside source has told us that the baby’s favourite book is ‘Paddington at the Palace’, as he seems especially calm when listening to that particular tale being read to him in daddy’s dulcet tones.


Wills reads to Prince George from Alison Jackson on Vimeo.


We hate to break it to you Wills – but maybe George is a bit young to fully appreciate the plot… ?

It also seems that the royal parents were accompanied to the Middleton’s Berkshire home by their favourite footman. Wills has rightfully been offloading some of the stress onto this faithful subject, if this photo is an accurate reflection of recent goings on.

_DSC0300_COT_FOOTMAN_LORESSleeping on the job – HRH Prince William will not be amused.  


It sounds as if Kate and Wills need all the help they can get – hopefully Georgie will start sleeping through very soon!

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