‘Tis the season to be horny! Elton John throws a festive party with a twist

As we all slumped into the sofa last night, full from our second or third helping of Christmas pud, Elton John and David Furnish prepared for a full-on night of debauchery, the perfect way to work off those ‘mince’ pies.

Elton commands his sexy reindeer to pull on his sleigh…

Elton, in charge as usual, changed out of a heavily sequinned number he had worn to dinner to take centre stage as Santa Claus, arriving on his sleigh with a pile of perfectly wrapped gifts for his husband, David.


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But as you can see from our sneakily obtained photographs, this wasn’t some sweet and innocent act, more a chance to behave badly with whips and studded leather adornments.

Whipped into shape: Elt takes charge

Cupid, Dancer and Vixon were not used to Santa being so ‘familiar’ with them

Elton conducted three scantily clad, muscle-heavy fellas to pull his sleigh in some sort of bondage inspired stunt. And while forcing them to pull him in the direction of his waiting husband, Elton – whose Santa outfit was made from shiny red leather – seemed to relish the opportunity to be in charge of the menacing looking whip.

We all know Elton has a penchant for fancy dress. A couple of months ago he arranged a week of huge celebrations for Furnish’s birthday party, which saw the ‘Rocket Man’ dressed in cowboy attire.

Where to start? Elton was unsure where to begin wrapping his gift for husband David

Earlier on yesterday, Elton had been wearing an altogether more demure Santa outfit for his gift wrapping session which saw him totally covered up, from head to toe. The same cannot be said for the man he was ‘giving’ David as a gift. Elton seemed to be having quite a lot of trouble working out how to wrap the strapping young lad.

Next year Elton, maybe you could stick to socks?

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