Exclusive: Images of Lindsay Lohan in jail the last time around

As the American legal system psychs itself up for another chance to tame troubled actress Lindsay Lohan, AlisonJackson.com has uncovered some exclusive images of her last stint in jail.

Jailbird: Lohan contemplates her position…for just a moment

The former child star has had a tough time of late, charges against her include assault and violating her probation. It’s serious stuff. But she might not be feeling too concerned.


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Lindsay was only in prison for 14 days of the 90 day sentence given to her in 2010, and her time behind bars didn’t seem to start too badly.

Bribing other inmates at the south Los Angeles all-female prison, Lohan managed to get hold of many of the things that helped her earn the punishment to begin with. Tying dollar notes to pieces of string, Miss Lohan swapped money for vodka, cigarettes and even a pair of stilettos!

Scroll down for a video of Lindsay in jail…

Rolling up the notes: Lindsay used her millions to access what she feels are necessities

Heaven sent: A fellow inmate comes up with the goods, vodka from above

Making sure she didn’t miss out on the party scene, Lindsay created her own party inside her small barred cell with the dress code: Orange.

After guzzling the vodka, we saw a guard enter the actress’ cell in an attempt to calm her as she seemed drunk and disorderly. Lindsay seized the situation to try to get a little love and affection.

Lindsay gets a bit up close and personal with her guard during a boozy session

This time around Lindsay has been accused of assault and has also been caught lying about a car accident she had earlier in the year. These cases are more serious than her last conviction and could place Lindsay in jail for much longer…lets hope she doesn’t go broke anytime soon.

SKY REVIEW 2011 LINDSAY LOHAN JAILED from Alison Jackson on Vimeo.

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