Gordon Ramsay’s F-Word: Kitchen Nightmares chef calls Jamie Oliver ‘fat’

Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver recently came to blows after Ramsay allegedly slated Oliver’s attempts to slimline America with a healthy eating scheme. The TV chef famous for his Kitchen Nightmares series has accused Jamie of being a hypocrite due to his portly stature, and explained Americans won’t listen to a fat man giving tips about losing weight and eating healthily.

Jamie Oliver

You are what you eat: Jamie has been spotted in the past, shopping for the foods he typically vilifies

“You have to practice what you preach,” Ramsay told AlisonJackson.com. “I wouldn’t listen to a fat man banging on about healthy eating, just like I wouldn’t take style tips from Simon Cowell, it’s f***ing obvious!”


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But Oliver has hit back explaining that his time in the US of A has warped Ramsay’s sense of scale and perspective. Talking exclusively to AlisonJackson.com, Mr Oliver spoke candidly of Gordon’s penchant for surgery. He also suggested Gordon’s lack of self-confidence was the reason behind the hurtful comments.

Ramsay famously gave in to the pressure last year and underwent facial surgery to ‘fit in’ with the American ideal

Gordon Ramsay gets a faceliftUnder the carving knife: Ramsay puts his faith in another wielder of weaponry

“He’s past it, isn’t he. He’s lost his kind of juj. It’s all this American philosophy that you can only be a success if you look a certain way, so Gord has had the botox, and the hair transplant and the facelift… That’s not a healthy message to send to our kids!”

Oliver continued: “I feel pukka about myself, I’m the ‘Naked Chef’ after all, and its not about the outside anyway, I want people to feel healthy on the inside.”

Caught on camera: Despite his strong beliefs about fast food, Jamie was spotted making a major slip up against his campaign

The spat looks set to continue as the pair compete for airtime across the pond. And with both men hugely successful in their own right, it will be a close call for total world domination. But lets go back to that F-word…is it ‘Fat’ for Jamie or ‘Fake’ for Gordon? You decide!

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