A right royal wrap party: Camilla and Kate share some much needed ‘me’ time at a luxury spa

She’s had a tough few weeks but how better to perk up the Duchess of Cambridge than spending some quality time with her step mother-in-law Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

Camilla treated Kate to a lovely, relaxing two day spa break where she could recoup after her debilitating spat of severe morning sickness.

Camilla gets Kate’s digits… Camilla inspects Kate’s nails and orders a manicure

After advising on a manicure to spruce up Kate’s nails, Camilla suggested a foil wrap to shed a few pounds before the baby weight starts to pile on. Camilla also decided on an inch busting wrap, to help shift some of her hard to budge baby weight…left over from 1978!


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The pair seemed to have a great time together, laughing and joking throughout their treatments. Both looked comfortable and relaxed, especially Camilla whose trusty pack of cigarettes was never too far away.

Scroll down for an exclusive interview with Kate’s beautician…

‘Could you please tell me when one will be basted?’ Camilla looks like a stuffed festive bird‘Sisters are doing it for themselves!’ Kate and Cam enjoy their time together

Speaking of the impromptu visit to the exclusive five star hotel by the royals, one beautician seemed completely in awe of her two posh clients. Mentioning Kate in particular, the young beauty professional gushed at how jealous her beautician friends would be when she told them who she had ‘done.’

Time to relax – it’s been a gruelling two weeks for the Duchess of Cambridge

After sweating away inches – and having relaxed from the down time the trip enabled – the already perfectly slim and well groomed mother-to-be glowed on leaving the exclusive spa.

Camilla, who also had a spring in her step, didn’t quite see the same results as her step son’s wife, having shaved just a few millimetres off her waistline… Let’s hope that when Cam’s finished with the bacofoil at home, there will still be enough for the Christmas turkey.

See our exclusive interview with Kate’s beautician…

kate and cam spa from Alison Jackson on Vimeo.

kate and cam spa from Alison Jackson on Vimeo.



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