EXCLUSIVE: The moment Kate Middleton realised she was pregnant

All the signs were there. Kate Middleton wasn’t drinking, she had cut her hair (apparently a STRONG sign of being with child) and she was smiling a lot… she must be pregnant. But for the Duchess of Cambridge her dreams officially came true when she took her first pregnancy test.

With child: Kate Middleton has authorised Clarence House to release this picture of the Duchess taking a pregnancy test

And now Kate has let us share that special moment with her, by authorising Clarence House to release a picture of the very personal moment. The grainy photograph shows a smiling Kate shortly after taking the test.


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Releasing such an intimate snap is a rather unusual move for a royal. But then this has been a rather unusual year for the royal family. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was very nearly overshadowed by the publication of pictures of both Prince Harry and Kate Middleton wearing very little. This picture looks tame by comparison.

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Prince William fuelled pregnancy rumours a couple of months ago when he told journalists in Singapore that the couple were hoping to have two children. Perhaps he was just trying to draw media attention away from those topless pictures – well it worked a treat.

The real clincher, though came when Kate stepped out with a radical new hair cut last week – she had lost at least three inches off her fringe – apparently this was basically a confirmation that a ‘Mini-Me’ was on the way. Plus she was smiling, a lot.

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The Duchess was checked into hospital yesterday with acute morning sickness so it’s going to be a tough few months for Kate and Wills. But the good news for the young couple is that noone cares about those topless pictures any more. The real money shot will be the first glimpse of The Duchess’ baby bump.

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