Is Kate Middleton pregnant with a daughter? Duchess hints at sex of child, but had already dropped some clues

Is Kate Middleton pregnant with a little girl? She almost gave the game away yesterday while chatting to some of her fans in Grimsby. As a lady handed over a teddy bear, the Duchess of Cambridge said: “Thank you, I will take that for my d…” before stopping herself mid-word.

Kate Middleton pregnant shopping

Kate Middleton pregnant with a girl? The Duchess was spotted eyeing up a pink stroller on Monday

When another well-wisher asked Kate Middleton if she was about to say ‘daughter,’ the Duchess replied with a panicked and not very convincing: “No, we don’t know!”. We think you do, though, Kate. Besides, this is not the first hint she has dropped…


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On Monday morning this week, Kate was spotted shopping in Westfield with her step mother-in-law – and they definitely seemed to be focusing on pink items.

Kate Middleton pregnant daughter


Pretty in pink? Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker-Bowles seemed to be shopping for a baby girl

Pregnant Kate Middleton started off in the buggy section where both her and Camilla eyed up a dark fuchsia Bugaboo stroller. They then headed to the clothes section where the Duchess of Cornwall picked out a pretty little pink Babygrow.

And we’re sorry to have to break it to the bear-giver in Grimsby, but Kate’s ‘d…’ already has a white fluffy teddy bear. Camilla picked one of those up too.

Kate Middleton pregnant teddy


“A teddy for my d…”: Kate Middleton’s ‘daughter’ has already been given a soft toy by her granny-to-be

Maybe the royal pair were just trying to put us off the scent though? After all there are lots of things that begin with a D: Duke, Duchess, Doorman, Daniel….

Perhaps Catherine was just planning on giving the teddy to Prince William, or to Camilla. And there is still a chance that pregnant Kate is actually expecting a son. Prince Daniel does have a regal ring to it, kind of.

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