‘The baby will probably be born bald anyway!’ Kate tells friends she’d rather her child had William’s hair than Harry’s

The Daily Mail reports today that there is a 50:50 chance that the royal baby will be born with ginger hair – and it is a worry that has clearly crossed Kate Middleton’s mind too.

Kate MiddletonBest case scenario: Kate would obviously love her child to have dark shiny locks, but she’d settle for William’s bald patch

A friend of the Duchess of Cambridge exclusively told AlisonJackson.com that Kate often lightheartedly jokes about which of her and William’s features their child will inherit.


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“Kate has a great sense of humour,” the secret source said. “She did joke about what she would do if her child had ginger hair and said she would much prefer him or her to be bald like William.” The Duchess apparently justified her decision saying: “Afterall, the baby will probably be born almost bald anyway!”

Scroll down to watch a video of Kate helping Wills to hid his bald patch…

Kate MiddletonEasy solution? The Duchess helps her husband to try out a toupee

Kate Middleton and Prince WilliamMoving with the times: William appears to have now decided to embrace his receding hairline

Obviously, the best case scenario, though, would be for the child to have Kate’s dark shiny locks – even if they are much more high maintenance. The Duchess reportedly spends four hours getting her hair done before every public engagement.

She also helps her husband to look his best for public engagements too, as these exclusive pictures of Kate helping Wills into a toupee show.

Prince HarryGood role model? The royal baby apparently has a 50:50 chance of being ginger like their uncle

Kate has helped William to hide his baldness many times in the past, buying both toupees and Regaine to cover her husband’s bald patch. However the King to be now seems to be fully embracing his receding hairline – just as Harry has always been proud of his flaming locks.

Besides, who knows, if rumours of royal twins are true maybe Kate and Wills could have one bald child and one ginger one!

Watch a video of Kate helping Wills to hid his bald patch…

Kate Wills_toupee from Alison Jackson on Vimeo.

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