The Great Escape: How Katie Holmes tried to run away from Tom Cruise

Pictured with a mystery blonde this week it seems that movie star Tom Cruise may have started to move on from his messy divorce with Katie Holmes. However, though things seem quite serene and dignified at present, here at we have uncovered some shocking footage.

It’s a risky business: Katie contemplates escaping out the window

A CCTV recording  obtained from the couple’s Beverly Hills home, has revealed Katie attempting to sneak out through a window with Suri while she was just a baby.


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Although the images could be completely innocent and possibly an action inspired practice for her hubby at the time, they have also sparked questions about the balance of power within the couple’s relationship.

Scroll down to see the video of Katies escape attempt…

Desperate housewife: Having semi given up her career, maybe Holmes was looking for a spot of excitement

Kiss goodbye: Holmes pulls Suri in close before descending from the window ledge

We revealed exclusively back in September how Katie had given birth to Suri in total silence, gagged by hospital staff to comply with scientology teachings. Maybe it was Cruise’s membership of the church and immersion into the culture that finally tipped Katie over the edge and forced the sudden break for freedom.

Cruise control: The movie star was quick to catch his wife after following her out the window

Despite her best efforts Katie’s desperate attempt to escape didn’t quite go to plan.

Cruise, though hindered by his platform shoes (for extra height!), was quick off the mark and raced after his then-wife to the window, shortly followed by two burly men dressed in black… The chase was clearly not quite the kind of ‘mission impossible’ Katie was hoping for.

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