Third time lucky for Katie Price? As reality TV star ‘gets married again’ we reveal risqué footage with first husband

When Katie Price and Peter Andre met in the jungle we all hoped their relationship would last forever. But the romance was doomed to fail from the off. And now – with a third marriage apparently under her belt – the memory of her first nuptials must be starting to fade away for Katie.

Looking hot: A subtle hint for Pete, hey Katie?

So here at, we’ve dug up some classic footage of the Barbie and Ken couple in homage of their time together.


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Prepare the false lashes Katie, I’m coming over…


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As expected, the attention-seeking pair can been seen pouting towards the camera – in between stints of looking at each-other longingly while playing in the hay at Katie’s stables.

Scroll down to watch the video of Peter and Katie getting all touchy-feely at the stables…

Catch me if you can”:  Jordan entices Peter into the hay

Comedy behaviour: The couple giggle as they recover from their romp in the stables

“Oh Pete, not in-front of the stallion!” Jordan comes over all coy – for a change

The footage was taken when the couple were very much in love, shortly after they returned from the ‘I’m A Celebrity’ jungle. The pair seemed eager to hit the hay in the not-so-private confines of the stable block, they failed to take their hands off one another.

Sadly though, the romance died and the husband and wife went their separate ways… only to find new love (time and time again for Katie). Now on husband number three, we hope Katie really is ready to settle down this time.

Watch Peter and Katie getting all touchy-feely in the stables…


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