Le Miserable! Sarkozy scans job ads in paper out of solidarity with unemployed

The epic Hollywood adaptation of Les Miserables opens in the UK today. But if Victor Hugo’s tale of a young illegitimate child taken in by an ex-con mayor isn’t enough to have you weeping into your popcorn… your heart probably won’t bleed for former French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Nicolas SarkozySome light reading: Nicolas Sarkozy looks through the jobs section of Le Monde

The vertically-challenged politician’s wife, Carla Bruni, tweeted some pictures of her husband looking at job adverts in a newspaper with the caption: ‘Le Miserable.’ He does look pretty sad in the picture, but his predicament is slightly brighter than most of the jobless in France where the unemployment rate now stands at a shocking 11.8% of the work force.


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Wearing some pretty impressive platforms, a jacket, shirt, tie.. and not much else, Sarkozy scans the paper from the comfort of a chaise longue. We would have thought job hunting was one of the least of Sarko’s worries at the moment. A Franco-Lebanese businessman has accused the former president of accepting £40million in funding from former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

Sarkozy nakedTweet tweet: The former French President’s wife uploaded these three pictures onto the internet this morning with the caption ‘Le Miserable’

Nicolas SarkozyMy heart bleeds! Few will feel overly concerned about Sarkozy’s plight, 11.8% of the French workforce are now unemployed

Mr Sarkozy is also facing an investigation into whether he broke confidentiality laws over the publication of a press release about the death of 11 French engineers in Karachi, Pakistan back in September 2011.

Perhaps Bruni was trying to show France that her family were as concerned about their future as most of the French are? If that’s the intention, we’re afraid that it’s not really working!


Sarkozy will be embarrassed to see these pictures of himself wearing high heels. If he really wanted to add a few inches, he should have gone for a concealed heel like those sold by Increasing Shoes or Taller. We’re surprised former model Carla Bruni hasn’t already bought her husband a selection of pairs!

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