I’m the real MasterChef! Gordon Ramsay tries to steal attention back from TV show winners

Keri Moss and Anton Piotrowski made history last night by being crowned the first ever joint winners of MasterChef: The Professionals. But TV presenter Gordon Ramsay is keen to remind viewers who the real king of the kitchen is…

Gordon Ramsay turkeyI know what I’m doing, honest! Gordon Ramsay burst into tears when he could not work out what to do with the bird

The Kitchen Nighmares host invited photographers to take photos of him preparing a  Christmas dinner. However, the publicity stunt backfired a little when he seemed to be totally baffled by how to cook a turkey.


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Faced with the oversized bird, rather than simply putting it in a baking tray and popping it into the oven, Ramsay grabbed a large knife and tried to work out which bit of raw poultry he should chop off first.

Gordon RamsayOpen air cooking: Is a December BBQ really a good way to cook Christmas dinner?

Gordon RamsayMission accomplished, kind of: The ‘MasterChef’ begins to plate up

Realising he’d made a, pretty basic, mistake. Ramsay then tried to brush over it by cooking the bird bit-by-bit – on the BBQ.

Don’t worry, Gordon, we’ll forgive you eventually for the error. We just can’t help thinking that Moss and Piotrowski’s tips for an alternative Christmas dinner might have been a little more exciting. Cocoa-marinated turkey breast or green olive Christmas pudding, anyone?

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