Rolling on home: Mick Jagger makes his own way to his pad after O2 gig

Mick Jagger may have performed one of his biggest gigs yet at London’s O2 over the weekend. But like a responsible pensioner, he didn’t party too hard and was spotted travelling home solo at a reasonable hour the following morning… on a mobility scooter.

Scroll down for a video of Mick on his mobility scooter…

‘Paint it black’: A cabby lowers the ramp for Mick to reverse out on his scooter

Sunday night saw The Rolling Stones reliving their glory days. Celebrating 50 years together, Mick and the gang played an awesome gig at the O2 Arena in front of 20,000 fans.


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Like a rolling stone, trying to get home: Mick makes his way home unaided

The ageing rockers (all in their sixties and seventies) spent the night in a hotel near to the arena, but Mick left his band mates behind early the next day to make his own way back to his swanky south London pad.

Aided by his mobility scooter, the King of rock ‘n’ roll had no trouble weaving through the crowds of people heading to work on Monday morning and asked for no assistance during his journey.

‘Aint too proud to…’ use his mobility scooter: The rocker feels independent using the vehicle

Moves like Jagger: Mick raced pedestrians across the road

Passers-by seemed bemused by Sir Mick, wondering if it was a look alike, or a publicity stunt for the tour. However, when paparazzi caught news of the citing, they set up camp outside Jagger’s house to see what state he would get home in.

Mr Jagger seemed to finally reach his posh pad, and after a couple of poses for the press, he headed inside for a  very well-deserved rest.

Home sweet home: Finally arriving at his house, Mick posed for the press

SKY REVIEW 2011 – JAGGER OLD ROCKER from Alison Jackson on Vimeo.

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