Practice makes perfect! Middletons throw a pretend Christmas to make sure they get it just right on Tuesday

Yesterday exclusively revealed that Kate Middleton had spent the day at a spa with William’s step mother, Camilla. Today it was William’s turn to spend some time with the in-laws. Terrified by the prospect of having both the second and third in line to the throne over for Christmas, Carole Middleton suggested they throw a rehearsal celebration to ensure they nail Christmas on the 25th.

These photos show there is definitely room for improvement!

Prince WilliamHo, ho ho or ha, ha, ha? William got into the spirit of the practice Christmas by wearing his special pants

Prince William proved he really is the perfect son-in-law by even agreeing to the run through in the first place. He got into the spirit by wearing special Christmas themed boxers and a Santa hat as he bought Kate her stocking in bed.


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Kate also put on a brave face as the family practised everything from cooking Christmas dinner to opening their presents. The Duchess of Cambridge – who has been suffering from acute morning sickness – was up at the crack of dawn to help stuff the turkey.

Pippa MiddletonPippa hits the bottle: Kate’s little sister was already swigging champagne as Kate and Wills stuffed the turkey early in the morning

Kate Middleton babyPresent time! The first gift to be opened were these two Babygrows suggesting Kate has told her family that she is expecting twins

Pippa was clearly loving the early morning role play. She was already swigging from a bottle of champagne as Kate donned an apron that read: “Baby it’s cold outside”. We’re glad someone was taking the practice seriously. Kate’s little brother, James, was nowhere to be seen. We do hope he turns up on Christmas day!

The first of the presents to be opened were two tiny Babygrows, one reading ‘heir’ and the other one ‘spare’ – suggesting that Kate has told her family she is expecting twins.

Kate Middleton dog LupoCentre of attention: The royal couple also played around with their dog, Lupo, by the Christmas tree as a security man checked the presents

Kate and Wills

Oh deer! Kate and Wills were also given his and her’s Christmas jumpers with reindeer on them

A security guard was on hand to check that all of the presents were safe, he will be checking again on the 25th. But as he rifled through the gifts, Kate and Wills heaped attention onto their dog, Lupo, who will soon be playing second fiddle to a new-born royal.

When the security guard had declared them safe, Kate and Wills opened their presents from Harry. The joker had bought the couple a pair of matching Christmas jumpers with reindeer on them. Who knows where he got hold of the woolly jumpers in Afghanistan?

Pippa Middleton

Provocative presents? Pippa’s gift from Harry (left) and the present she is offering to ALL her friends and family

Perhaps Harry has been indulging in a spot of online shopping? We very much doubt there is a branch of risque underwear shop Agent Provocateur in Camp Bastion, and yet that is where Harry’s sexy present to Pippa came from.

Kate’s little sister blushed a little as she opened the gift – before getting back to work wrapping her own bargain presents. No prizes for guessing which book she’ll be giving everyone for Christmas! It’s great value at 75% off (and two for £12).

Prince William lingerie shopping

Last minute shopping: Perhaps realising that his brother was onto a good thing, William took Michael Middleton lingerie shopping

Prince William

Lad’s day out: But William and Michael soon ended up in the local pub where they tried their luck on the slot machines

Seeing the expression on Pippa’s face when she opened her present from Harry, William clearly realised that he needed to up his game. We are not sure what he had bought his wife for Christmas, but he obviously felt it wasn’t quite good enough and persuaded his father-in-law Michael to go and do a spot of last minute shopping with him.

After just five minutes in a lingerie shop, though, the pair headed straight to the pub where they instead tried their luck on the slot machines.

Kate and Pippa Middleton

Tuck in! Kate looks especially pleased with the Christmas dinner feast as William sits at the head of the table

William and Michael got back just in time for dinner, but as the Prince took his place at the head of the table, and Kate eagerly tucked into a turkey drumstick, there was a bit of a ruckus in the kitchen.

While Michael had been in town, Carole had been getting to know Kate’s security guard (and a bottle of wine) rather well. The pair were huddled up on a window seat as Michael stepped into the kitchen. But Carole soon climbed onto the kitchen table so everyone could get a good vantage point of how good she is at drinking straight from the bottle (so THAT’s where Pippa got it from!).

Carole Middleton

What’s going on here, then? Carole shares a cigarette (and a bottle of wine) with Kate’s security guard

Carole Middleton

Christmas Carole: Kate’s Mum then climbed onto the kitchen table

Kate and Pippa are clearly used to their mother’s antics. They tried to divert attention away from the kitchen and into the hallway where they were adjusting their Christmas cracker crowns.

Wills and Kate have obviously been practising their regal pouts. But Harry will be pleased to know that Pippa can also rock a gold pointy hat…

Kate Middleton crown

Looking good: Wills and Kate admire their reflections as they adjust their Christmas cracker crowns…

Pippa Middleton… But Harry will be pleased to know that Pippa also looks pretty great in a gold pointy hat!

Kate Middleton baby bump

Star husband: Kate rewards her husband with a kiss under the mistletoe – and is that the very first glimpse of a baby bump?

Pleased with their reflections, the Kate and Wills removed their hats, donned their coats and prepared to leave the madhouse, very aware that they will be back in a couple of days.

The Duchess didn’t forget to give her Duke a kiss as they passed under the mistletoe on the way out of the house. He REALLY deserves it. And is that our very first glimpse of a baby bump under Kate’s red coat? We think it might just be…

These photos were first shown in the Mail On Sunday on 23 December 2012

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