Mo’s down time: Olympic gold medallist gives us an insight into a weekend in the Farah household

Mo Farah’s wife, Tania, gave birth to twins Aisha and Amani in August, leaving the runner with very little time to relax after a very successful Olympics. However, as everyone expected, the athlete has taken to having two babies in the house with ease.

Mo Farah mobotMo in weekend mode: The Olympic gold medallist shows off his trademark Mobot move

Last Saturday Farah exclusively let Mail on Sunday photographers into his house to watch him in weekend mode. And the piles of washing and take-away pizzas show that despite a very successful summer, Farah’s days off are very much like the rest of ours!


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Mo gets to work on his chores before he has even had breakfast, filling the washing machine with his daughters’ pink Babygrows. Many would struggle to crack a smile while doing such menial work, but Mo was more than happy to pose for the cameras, and he even showed them his trademark Mobot pose.

Scroll down to watch a video of Mo in weekend mode…

Mo FarahNew dad: Mo’s wife Tania gave birth to twin daughters in August so there are always lots of Babygrows to wash

Another Olympics legend, Clare Balding, gave Mo Farah his signature move. Both were contestants on A League Of Their Own last May, and when host James Corden told Mo he should come up with a distinctive pose, it was Clare who suggested he should just to the ‘M’ from The YMCA dance.

The Mobot soon made Farah one of the Olympics’ most popular athletes (well, that and the fact that he kept winning medals) with even Usain Bolt imitating the runner.

Mo FarahWell earned dinner: Mo tucks into a Pizza, or 10, after the rest of his family have gone to bed

Mo FarahWould you like some pizza with that ketchup? The runner goes heavy on the condiments

The second set of photos released by the Mail on Sunday show Mo enjoying a well earned dinner in the evening after the rest of his family, including step daughter Rihanna, have gone to bed.

For such a skinny man, he certainly eats a lot of food. There are pizza take-away boxes scattered all over the kitchen, and Mo seems to have worked his way through most of a massive tub of ketchup… afterall, he needed to build up his energy for another day of chores.

Watch a video of Mo in weekend mode here…

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