Gym buddies: How David Cameron helped Barack Obama prepare for second inauguration day

Barack Obama is going to be sworn in as President for the second time today. But after fluffing his lines the first time around, you can understand why he may feel a little more nervous than usual.

Barack Obama

Special relationship: David Cameron holds the punching bag for Barack Obama

Sure, Obama gives speeches every day – last night he gave one especially to comment on his wife’s new haircut – but at an inauguration there are a few more people watching than when he’s debating foreign policy or healthcare.


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So, the U.S. President sought help from another man who is very used to public speaking, David Cameron, who suggested that they workout side-by-side. The two hit the gym together with the UK Prime Minister holding a punching bag for Obama while he boxed away.

Barack and David are both very into their exercise. The former has been spotted eagerly playing basketball in the White House. He also engaged in a fraught boxing match against Mitt Romney in the run up to the U.S. elections last year.

Obama and CameronEasy for some: Cameron later helped Obama again as he attempted some weight-lifting

Obama toplessObama topless: Another gym-goer slyly took this photo of the President not wearing a shirt

Cameron is frequently spotted huffing and puffing his way around St James’s Park in central London on a morning jog, closely followed by his bodyguards. He never looks quite as composed as his American counterpart – which could explain why Obama was doing most of the hard work when they both hit the gym together.

We don’t really mind our Prime Minister being shown up, especially when Cameron is so clearly putting in the work outside the gym…

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