Office Christmas Party, Pippa Style: Mini-Middy shares some more top tips

As companies are forced to buckle their belts this winter, many will be scrimping on Christmas celebrations. But a cheap office Christmas party needn’t be a terrible one as Pippa Middleton has demonstrated in yet another photoshoot to promote her book, Celebrate.

Pippa MiddletonPerfect party planner: Pippa Middleton shows how to put frozen snacks into the oven

Pippa shows how instead of taking your employees out for a slap-up Christmas dinner, you could host a party yourself – either at work, or in your beautiful home (so that your workers can see exactly where all the company’s money is going).


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Inviting people around doesn’t have to mean spending hours in the kitchen either – afterall Iceland does a GREAT range of party snacks.

Pippa Middleton at IcelandHere’s one I made earlier! Pippa reveals the great purchases she made at Iceland

Pippa MiddletonLet’s Celebrate: Kate Middleton’s little sister is promoting her new book by showing how to do an office Christmas party on the cheap

We can’t help feeling that Pippa’s latest shoot is a little demeaning. We wouldn’t have thought she would be that keen to associate herself with Iceland Mums like Kerry Katona and Stacey Solomon, especially as she is going to be the only aunt of the third in line to the throne.

But as sales of Pippa’s debut tome fail to pick up, it seems she will do almost anything to publicise just how great she is at organising parties on any budget.

Pippa MiddletonHostess with the mostest: Pippa remains calm under pressure as her canapes start to burn

Pippa MiddletonMaybe going out for dinner’s a good idea afterall? Pippa begins to appreciate the advantages of eating in restaurants

Personally, we’d still plump for the slap up dinner over Iceland nibbles at the boss’ house. But we do sympathise with Pippa, it must be hard to imagine what an office party is like if the only job you have had was writing a blog for your parents’ company.

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