Poke me! The Queen joins Facebook

The Queen famously set up her own YouTube channel (or rather got someone to set one up for her) almost five years ago – sending shockwaves running through the online world with videos of gardeners raking up leaves and Camilla holding a koala. Now she has taken her next step into internet supremacy… by opening a Facebook account.

The Queen

One has one like! The Queen even has a cover photo of herself, Camilla and Kate Middleton at the hairdresser’s

Listing her profession as ‘Monarch,’ the Queen sums up her life before Facebook as: “Born for this job. Crowned as Queen in 1952 after a brief career as a princess.”


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The Queen on Facebook

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She is a surprisingly regular updater – always referring to herself in the third person – and the main purpose of her Facebook page seems to be sticking up for her family members and the aristocracy (bar Lady Gaga).

The Queen

Social suicide? After joining Facebook nearly a month ago the Queen still only has one fan online

The Queen FacebookOff the wall! The Queen is even offering people the chance of a meet and greet

Soon after joining on November 8 this year, the Queen wrote: “We welcome our loyal subjects, and also those from more distant isles. We are determined not to be the last person on the planet to join Facebook, we shall look forward to our social network and exploring the Internets.”

A week later she added: “It’s lucky Charles is in New Zealand this week. It’s his birthday tomorrow and I haven’t even had the time to knit him a sweater!”

The Queen

Poke me now! The Monarch uses the social network to defend her family and the aristocracy

It’s a little unexpected to see her Majesty using exclamation marks, and she clearly still has a little to learn about internet lingo – but then so would most 86 year olds.

If you ever need a helping hand, Ma’am we’d happily give you a Facebook tutorial. Or you could always ask Pippa who has taken to the social network with great enthusiasm (if you don’t mind her obsession with plastic spiders). We’ve also heard she throws a pretty mean party.

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