Political power dance-off: Boris and Cameron show their competitive side

Nick Clegg can finally breathe a sign of relief because David Cameron seems to have temporarily switched his rivalry focus towards Boris Johnson. And an exclusive video, filmed by Alison Jackson, has shown the two competitive Tories in action.

Boris Johnson

Game on! Boris Johnson and David Cameron head to BoJo’s house – with Boris bike in tow

The Mayor and Prime Minister were pictured heading into Boris’ Islington home (with a Boris bike in tow). However, although it may have looked like they were going to have a relaxed little chin-wag, instead Boris invited the PM to an uber competitive dance off.

Obviously prepared for the battle to get violent, Boris kept his bike helmet on throughout. Not that he needed to avoid flailing limbs. The pair were both pulling some pretty impressive moves.

Scroll down to watch the video of Cameron and Boris dancing…

David Cameron and Boris JohnsonAfter you: The relaxed pair looked as if they might have just been planning a quiet night in

David CameronWarming up: Cameron flexes his muscles

Perhaps they both received dance lessons at Eton – although we would expect lessons at the traditional boarding school to be more ballroom than jazz dance.

The more likely reason for Cameron and Johnson’s footwork prowess is that both have been putting in a lot of time on their Kinect for XBox 360. Afterall, practice makes perfect, and neither are very busy with work at the moment, right?

Boris Johnson and David CameronGetting into the groove: The political pair show off their moves

Boris and CameronPracticing punching: Boris and Cameron got especially into the more active dances

Either way, the pair are going to own the dancefloor at the Tory Party Office Christmas Party. But have they learned the moves to Gangnam Style yet? Watch this space…

Boris JohnsonComing to blows: Maybe it was lucky that Boris had kept his helmet on afterall!



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