Perfect role model? Naughty Prince Harry tops 2012 list of UK’s favourite baby names

Prince Harry has spent the second half of 2012 with a permanently embarrassed look on his face, but his latest accolade hasn’t (shockingly) been due to his naughty antics… Harry has topped this year’s poll as the name of choice for baby boys in the UK.

Role model – A toast to debauchery! Harry sets the scene for the evening

Royal names have listed highly this year, with Harry taking the top spot above his dad. Charlie sat in fourth place and Harry’s bro, William, came in at number 10.


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Harry’s name didn’t feature at all in the top 100 baby names poll in 2011, leaving us in no doubt that his naked antics in Vegas must have been inspiration for mummys and daddys to be.

Scroll down for a video of Harry partying in the Caribbean…

Dirty Harry! The prince definitely knows how to enjoy himself

The prince will surely be relieved that the past year hasn’t totally dented his credibility. He can take some comfort in the fact that parents all over the UK have chosen to name the jewel of their eye Harry after seeing Harry’s crown jewels.

Harry toured the Caribbean this year as part of the royal jubilee tour…

…but what goes on tour stays on tour, hey Hazza!?

Here at, we have been fortunate enough to have had the inside scoop on Harry’s escapades over the last 12 months And despite his behaviour appearing anything but regal and proper, we have all warmed to the fun-loving prince for his carefree approach to life.

Clearly these are the qualities new parents want to instill in their children… without wanting them to be quite so embarrassingly naked in public… or so embarassingly drunk in private!

Watch the video of Harry’s antics here…

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