Queen’s disguise fails her as she goes shopping for sexy lingerie

If you have ever wondered how the Queen gets by without doing normal stuff like buying pants and groceries, wonder no more. While Kate Middleton is a big fan of internet shopping, the monarch prefers to see what she is buying so goes to the shops herself – usually donning a disguise so she doesn’t get spotted.

Queen buying lingerieCan I help you Ma’am? The Queen eyes up some sexy lingerie in House of Fraser

Queen Elizabeth has already been spotted at Tesco’s dressed as a cute granny, but this was the first time her disguise failed her when she was buying lingerie… she was trying to double-bluff the public by dressing up as herself – complete with tiara and corgi.


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Her Maj requested an extra £5million from the government this year, which didn’t go down very well with those who have had to take pay cuts. However, the queen doesn’t seem too bothered, as soon as the ‘pay rise’ was granted, she went on a shopping spree.

Please scroll down to watch a video of the Queen shopping for lingerie…

Queen Elizabeth shopping

Dressed for the occasion: Queen Elizabeth wore a sparkly tiara to the shops, and brought one of her corgis along too

The money was earmarked to do some essential maintenance work to Windsor Palace and some of the Queen’s other residences. But first she wanted to refresh a certain part of her wardrobe. She wasn’t too extravagant though, heading to her local House of Fraser department store rather than straight to Harrods.

The Queen is turning 87 this month, so she would definitely have been forgiven for raiding the granny knicker section. Afterall she is a great-grandmother many times over. She surprised onlookers, though, by admiring a sexy corset and suspenders and some red lacy knickers.

The Queen shopping

Seen something you like? The Monarch looked at some sexy red lacy knickers while she was in the shop

Lisa Marley, who covertly filmed the Queen on her iPhone, told AlisonJackson.com: “I couldn’t believe it was really the Queen, or that she was looking at such sexy underwear. But then I saw her tiara and I think I let out a little shriek.

The keen shopper continues: “My husband was surprised by the skimpiness of the knickers she was buying.”

What on earth with the Duke of Edinburgh think?

Watch a video of the Queen shopping for lingerie here…

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