That showed the critics: Tom Daley takes relaxing bubble bath after another successful episode of Splash!

Critics didn’t hold back when reviewing Tom Daley’s new reality TV show, Splash!, where he teaches Z-list celebrities to dive. But the bad reviews were like water off a dog’s back to Daley… and to the five million viewers who tune in to watch the show every week.

Tom Daley toplessBath time: Tom Daley never stops thinking about diving… even when he’s having a wash

The concept of Splash! is simple. Get four celebs (preferably either sexy or overweight ones – for added comedy value), train them to jump off a board, and then get them to do the dive live infront of millions of people at Prime Time on a Saturday night. We can’t imagine which part of the process the critics disapproved of… oh, wait.


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Reviewers may not have fallen for the concept, but audiences clearly have. Linda Barker and Donna Air’s stunning bodies were the main draw last night – along with Daley, of course – but Dom Joly’s one-piece helped provide the laughs. Clearly pleased with the success of the show, 18 year old Tom rewarded himself with a massive bubble bath this morning.

Tom DaleyDress rehearsal: The 18-year-old uses a Barbie and Ken doll to practice new dives before he does them himself

Tom DaleyTV show star: Daley’s show, Splash!, was slated but still has huge audiences

As one might expect, just being near water brings on day dreams of half-pike dives and double somersaults. So Tom Daley always takes a couple of Barbie dolls with him when he climbs into the tub so that he can practice different techniques.

Splash! cameramen asked Daley if he would mind them filming him playing with his dolls and to their surprise he happily agreed. Afterall, any publicity is good publicity, even when it’s photographing a teenage boy playing with Barbies, right?

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