Even the Queen is feeling the crunch: It’s not all good news for the royals

The first week of December has been an emotional one for the royal family. The Duchess of Cambridge announced that she was pregnant with the third in line to the throne… just as she was rushed to hospital with chronic morning sickness. But now that she has returned home surely it is all good news? Well, not really.

The QueenCan I help you Ma’am? The Queen double checks her new purchases

Yesterday’s gloomy Autumn Statement, delivered by George Osborne (with a big smile on his face), spells bad news for the rich and poor alike – although the latter, of course, will fare a lot worse.


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Alison Jackson on Facebook


Even the Queen seems a little concerned about how big her next paycheck will be. She was spotted in her local Tesco’s this morning snapping up ‘buy one, get one free’ offers.

Scroll down to watch a video of the Queen at Tesco…

The QueenGoing bananas: These photos show that even the Queen is feeling the crunch

Fellow shopper, Mary Donne, told AlisonJackson.com: “Her shopping basket was filled with pretty similar items to mine, really; chicken kievs, a loaf of sliced white bread, frozen peas and some ketchup.”

“The Queen didn’t seem very inspired by the fresh fruit and vegetables. She picked up some bananas but then put them back down again. I would have thought she would be more health-conscious at her age.”

The Queen at Tesco

Heading home: The Queen had left her corgis tied to a post outside Tesco’s

A shelf stacker added: “Her Majesty asked me where the eggs were, I was so excited I forgot to curtsey! She did seem pretty outraged by the price of a pint of milk, though.”

The Queen had left a duo of corgis tied to a post outside the supermarket. And, before she headed back to Buckingham Palace, told onlookers she would be back for more groceries tomorrow. It all sounds like a lot of hard work, Ma’am. Maybe it’s time to check out online shopping?

Watch the video of the Queen at Tesco here…

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