The X Factor millionaire: $imon Cowell gets ready to spend, spend, spend

Simon Cowell has doubled his pre-tax turn-over in just one year. So the music mogul has, understandably, been taking some time out to consider what to do with his £32.6million fortune.

Adding to his checklist: The money bags music mogul prioritises his workload

Generally seen living it up in lavish hotels, exquisite restaurants and on fabulous yachts, Cowell is considering making more lasting investments with his ‘well earned’ windfall. And by lasting investments we mean (even more) age-defying plastic surgery!


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Partial to the odd shot of botox and occasional ‘IV youth drip,’ Simon maybe planning to up his beauty regime from every-so-often to every-other-week. And, considering his Hugh Hefner status of late, Simon may be planning to up his level of partying too as rumours fly about the possibility of him buying his own yacht in order to entertain even more leggy lady friends.

Please scroll down to see a beautician telling Alison Jackson about Simon’s beauty regime…

Spark me up! Cowell endures a boosting vitamin IV drip, just before his yacht party. But what could he possibly need all that energy for?

Simon CowellSimon already has a way with the ladies but we wonder if its his white teeth and moobs or hefty bank balance that create Simon’s Lynx effect?

No pain, no gain: Simon understands the sacrifices that must be made in order to succeed

Whatever his plans, with his ‘huge package’ – monetary of course – Simon is sure to have continued success with the ladies, especially in LA LA land where he is currently a resident.

The only question we have left here at, is when will Mr Moneybags Cowell, change the S in his name to a $ symbol? Go on $i, it’ll $o $uit you!

Watch a beautician telling Alison Jackson about Simon’s beauty regime here…

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