EXCLUSIVE: The pictures Victoria Beckham wishes would go away

Victoria Beckham had to go through years of mortifying photo shoots as a Spice Girl in the Nineties – and she looked thoroughly miserable in every single snap. However, a couple of decades on, those are not the images which still send shivers down her spine. She really despises the pictures which demonstrate serious lapses in judgement in her private life.

Victoria Beckham tattooTramp stamp: Victoria Beckham’s secret tattoo does not really fit in with her fashionista look

Now, for the first time, we have been given permission to publish a set of photos which reveal what Posh is really like behind that polished exterior.


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Perhaps the most surprising revelation is that Victoria Beckham is the not-so-proud owner of a ‘tramp stamp’ tattoo.

David Beckham’s skin is famously carpeted with the names of his children, guardian angels, religious iconography, cherubs and Roman numerals. Until recently we thought Victoria had kept her tattoos to a simple line down her neck and spine. It turns out, though, that Posh has an ESSEX banner inked across her lower back.

Scroll down to watch a video of Posh and Becks choosing a baby name…

Victoria Beckham To Kill A MockingbirdHeavy going: Posh doesn’t appear to have mastered reading for fun yet

Harper BeckhamSmile Harper! Victoria gets covered in fake tan as she takes her daughter to the salon

The youngest addition to the Beckham family, Harper, was reportedly named after the author of To Kill A Mockingbird which is apparently Victoria’s favourite book. However a sneaky paparazzo managed to snap a picture of Posh reading the novel months after Harper was born. And the upside-down dictionary in her other hand suggests Victoria may not know the story as well as she has suggested.

Another picture shows that the little girl’s beauty regime is a little more complex than a nappy change and some designer clothes. Harper is seen dangling from Victoria’s arm as she is subjected to a pretty intense spray-tan – which has also been projected onto the front of Posh’s expensive-looking dress.

Posh and BecksWhere was she conceived, again? Posh and Becks try to come up with a baby name for their daughter

Even choosing a name was clearly a struggle for the pair – as we can see from another photo which sees Posh and Becks brainstorming baby names including Duchess and Hollywood.

In the end, maybe Harper actually got off quite lightly name-wise. Although we dread to think what beauty regimes she is going to be subjected to once she gets into her teens!

Watch a video of Posh and Becks choosing a baby name here…

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