Staying Stateside: Has Simon Cowell given up on UK version of The X Factor?

An average of 11 million viewers tuned in to watch James Arthur win The X Factor last night. However, while that may sound like a hell of a lot of people to tune into a glorified talent show, the figure is not nearly as high as Simon Cowell would like it to be. So SiCo is taking action – by pretending the show never happened and concentrating on the US version of the franchise.

Simon Cowell

Showing his allegiance? Simon Cowell gets a tattoo of the American flag on his buttocks

Rather than responding to media requests asking for comments on the low viewing figures – which were down 2million on last year’s final – Cowell spent the day in Los Angeles getting a tattoo of the American flag on his buttocks.


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Clearly pleased with the new inky addition, Cowell then celebrated back in his hotel room wearing only one of his trademark black T-shirts and a pair of star spangled boxers.

Please scroll down to watch videos of Simon dancing and getting a tattoo…

Simon CowellReady for his close-up? This mirror reflection shows Cowell as he was shrieking in pain

Simon CowellBorn In The USA? Cowell also wore a pair of star spangled boxer shorts

Simon CowellAir guitar! The music mogul does his best impression of The Boss

Jumping around on his bed, singing Born In The USA and using a tennis racquet as an air guitar, the concerns of The X Factor’s low viewing figures seemed an ocean away… But he is going to have his work cut out for him over the next few months.

The winner of The X Factor in the UK automatically gets a record deal with Simon Cowell’s label SyCo, but young Mr Arthur has already announced that he is going to take his time with his record and will do it his way.

Maybe Cowell is doing impressions of Bruce Springsteen in preparation of having to show James Arthur who’s The Boss.

Watch a video of Simon Cowell getting his tattoo…

Watch a video of Cowell pretending to be The Boss…

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