Will Simon Cowell be at X Factor UK final? Music mogul visited a beautician sparking rumours he’s heading home

The X Factor boss Simon Cowell has made it very obvious he is furious that ‘wildcard’ Christopher Maloney has reached the final of his televised talent competition. But is he angry enough to storm over to the UK and ensure Maloney doesn’t win? It seems like he might just be.

Alison JacksonHandiwork: The beautician shows Alison Jackson the strips she used to remove wax from Cowell’s chest, back, sack and crack

Cowell paid a visit to his favourite salon in the US yesterday to engage in some pretty serious hair removal. But who is he trying to impress?

The beautification process may have been inspired by AlisonJackson.com’s exclusive article last month showing an alarming amount of hair on Cowell’s back. But the rumour mill is also suggesting than SiCo is planning a return to his homeland this weekend after ditching the UK to focus on the newer American version of his show.

Scroll down for Alison Jackson’s interview with Cowell’s beautician…

Simon CowellIn need of a little work: Simon’s back before he had the hair removed

Simon Cowell's chest hairClose-up: The waxing specialist hopes to sell this strip of chest hair for about $30-$40

As fans of the mogul would expect, he didn’t do things my halves at the salon either – and his beautician was very keen to show Alison Jackson the results of her hard work.

In a surprisingly candid interview, the beautician told Jackson all about how she waxed Cowell’s “chest, back, sack and crack.”

Asked about the merits of waxing in such painful areas, the waxing specialist said: ”It actually makes the private parts look a lot bigger.

Simon Cowell hairy

Access all areas: The beautician holds strips of hair next to where they were removed from on Cowell’s body

“Not that Simon needed to do that,” the beautician added. Perhaps beginning to realise she was revealing too much.

Jackson was shown strips of wax absolutely covered in hair which had been removed from Cowell’s most intimate areas. We just hope it was worth the pain he must have been through and he doesn’t end up having to give Maloney a record deal!

Simon Cowell waxing, beauticians interview, news from Alison Jackson on Vimeo.




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