Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall’s romp in the hay: Pair get it out of their system before moving back in with Mum

Zara Phillips might be moving back in with her mother and telling anyone who will listen that she doesn’t want kids yet. But that’s no reflection on her, ahem, healthy relationship with Mike Tindall.

Zara Phillips and Mike Tindal sexyLovebirds: Zara Phillips looks a little dishevelled as Mike Tindall leans in for a kiss

The pair were covertly filmed recently having a very, very good time surrounded by bales of hay. And the video has just been released to the world’s media.


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It is unclear when and where the short clip was filmed, but both Zara and Tindall look very at home surrounded by hay bales. They also appear to be celebrating, suggesting that it might have been taken after the sale of their £1.2million Cheltenham mansion was finally completed.

Please scroll down to watch the video of Zara riding Tindall

Mike Tindall nakedSomething to celebrate? The pair have recently sold their home and are moving back in with Princess Anne

Zara and Tindall sex poseGetting frisky: The fun-loving couple looked like they were having a very, very good time

Either way, the video must have been filmed just after one of Zara’s horsey events. She is still dressed in her white jodhpurs and black eventing jacket and riding boots. But there are a lot of buttons undone on her shirt!

Mike is altogether more casual wearing just a pair of faded jeans.

Zara whipping TindallQuick whip: Zara later put her riding crop to good use

Zara and Tindall are a famously fun-loving pair so it will not surprise many to see her riding him – and whipping him – as if he is a horse before they both collapse into fits of giggles.

OK, the Queen might be a little shocked, but after last year’s naked Harry and topless Kate pictures, she’ll probably think this video seems positively tame.

Watch the video of Zara riding Tindall here…

Zara & Tindall from Alison Jackson on Vimeo.

The top photograph first appeared in the Mail on Sunday

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